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Lasting Impressions Formal Wear was founded in the year 2000 in historic Eufaula, Alabama.
A small town nestled on Lake Eufaula in the historic district was where the modest beginnings of Lasting Impressions was founded.


With a vision of carrying the best that the industry had to offer, the store’s focus was customer service, product, and investing in the hometown community.
After the doors opened, we knew we had the beginnings of something great!


It didn’t take long to realize that the store provided a service that not only our surrounding community needed, but people from afar craved as well. That’s when they all started coming to Eufaula. It might be a simple pass through as they were heading to the beach for Spring Break, or a visit to granny’s, but quickly the store made a name for itself not only in prom, but also in the pageant world. It rapidly became the go to location for Sherri Hill prom and pageant gowns by stocking the largest selection in the area.



After several successful years, it only seemed right to branch out, expand the brand, and go into a larger market. The sights were set on the second location - Columbus, Georgia. Our Columbus store opened in the year 2006 and within a short amount of time, the store outgrew its first location. Waiting for the lease to expire and looking for a new building provided a challenge. Once the store found a new 6,000 square foot home on Airport Thruway, it became the flagship of the shopping center and has thrived since.


With a rich history in the prom and pageant industry, Lasting Impressions has dressed girls from the East coast to the West coast and all the areas in between. From Miss U.S.A.’s to Miss America’s, country music stars to reality stars, the store has been fortunate to dress them all. From local pageant girls to the veterans, they travel hundreds of miles to create the perfect gowns for competition. Our girls know once they leave our store, they have the perfect competition wardrobe!



Prom girls are also a huge part of the store’s success story! While the staff feels it’s important that each girl select their dream gown, they also feel that the girl should look radiant when they enter their prom.  That is where the store’s seasoned staff is helpful! The staff listens, then introduces the customer to the perfect dress. With hundreds of dresses always in stock, the staff pulls from a wide array of colors, sizes, styles, fits, and fabrics to create a magical moment for the girl. The process doesn’t stop there! There is more to the experience than just the perfect dress and we truly believe in the finishing details.


We have a large selection of earrings in stock and ready for purchase year around. When needed, the staff works with our customer to create the perfect earrings by designing a pair with the perfect colors and shapes while considering the facial structure of the client. All of our custom earrings are hand made with Swarovski crystals so they will always provide the perfect amount of sparkle! The wardrobe is finished off with the perfect pair of shoes!


So, the next time you need a prom, pageant, homecoming, or special event dress, just know that Lasting Impressions is your one stop shop.
When you are ready to turn heads, we’re ready to help!